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Kennedy Promo 6

Lassiter’s Receptionist, Kennedy Brell

Her Dad’s software engineering job took the family from Seoul to Pacific City when Kennedy was four.  By the time she was five, he decided to leave the company and start his own firm, and by age 7, Kennedy was getting picked up by a driver at their Lemmon Place flat, and whisked away to the trendy private school her Dad could then afford to send her to.  Kennedy, supported and nurtured by the best of Pacific City society, excelled at everything that interested her.  And that turned out to be almost everything; music, math, art, dance, physics, everything.  And when she was old enough, biology.

Her parents were shocked when Kennedy came home one day in hysterical tears.  And when she told them why, her father threw her out of their flat with only the clothes on her back, and the contents of her purse.

Within hours, Kennedy became easy prey for the street types in midtown, trolling the avenues for pretty young runaways, and girls in trouble–no shortage of them in Pacific City, sadly.  Whitney Rand happened to be driving by and noticed Kennedy, out of place, being scooped into the back seat of the beat-up sedan, and called the license plate and descriptions in to Tai, Kristin, and an impromptu Tomorrow Girl clean-up squad.  With Tai’s help, Kristin and her team found the door of the squalid flat in short order, and went through it too fast for the occupants to do much other than gawk.  As fast as it all went down, they weren’t fast enough to keep the heroin out Kennedy’s veins.  Kristin’s motto being “no job too big,” the team took Kennedy back to One Lassiter Plaza, to Dr. Lender, and to Gabriel Lassiter.

When Kennedy woke up, she was alone in a room with a lot of odd equipment, wearing a robe, and hungry enough to eat the particle-board table top at which she sat.  Dr. Lender stepped in and explained things to her, and after Kennedy got through laughing, Dr. Lender told Kennedy about the loyalty device in her head, the new apartment, job, and career path she had acquired while she slept off the heroine/strychnine cocktail she’d been given.  And at first, Kennedy resented the meddling of her new employer.  Then she realized that she had it pretty good, and she resigned herself to being part of the Lassiter office scenery.  And still later, she started thinking about the loyalty device, and how she would find a way to get it out of her head.  The thought would keep her occupied for a really long time.


Sgt Starnes Evaluates a Report

Born in Newark, NJ, and raised on its meaner streets, Jack Starnes was no stranger to trouble.  In and out of ‘the system’ for offenses as minor as shoplifting, and as major as grand theft auto, Jack seemed destined for a life in an institution of lower learning.  And that’s where he WOULD have wound up had he not tried to take down a Tomorrow Girl during a robbery gone stupid in the course of her under-cover assignment in the City on day.  The agent could have ended him without breaking a sweat, though to look at her, Jack had seen fit to think otherwise.  Instead, she had a clean-up squad drop by with an innocuous little panel van which ran him over to Teterboro, onto an agency jet, and ultimately to the agency’s island training camp.

Jack took to the off-world defense techniques they taught him like an eagle to the sky, and after Dr. Lender installed the “loyalty device” in his head, Jack’s service record became exemplary.  A Battlefield Promotion gave him his Sargeant stripes, and Jack’s leadership position on the team was cemented.  Quick and deft for a man his size, Jack’s the guy you want covering your back in almost any scrape, and surrounded by the lovely Tomorrow Girls, Jack wouldn’t want it any other way.

It’s been REALLY busy around the office these last few weeks.  As some of you may know, “Tomorrow’s Girls” is not my “Day Job.”  I make what living you could call it, by working in the live music industry.  And as some of you may know, that industry has had some serious challenges in the past two or three years.  Well, we’re not immune to that, and last week, our company lost a major client, which has us wondering how we’re going to make that living we were talking about earlier.

Oh, don’t worry–we already know that we’re not going to do it publishing “Tomorrow’s Girls,” or any other number of comics we venture to launch.  While it remains a labor of love, what it is NOT is remunerative.  It’s just REALLY hard to monetize your creative products nowadays.  Just ask any recording artist you admire (or have even HEARD of), and you’ll see what I mean.

So while we contemplate our outcome–be it flaming out in a blaze of glory, or wheezing out with a whimper, we are still reasonably committed to “Tomorrow’s Girls,” and we’re going to publish it as long as we can.

Now, and to the point of my post, YOU can help us do that by making a donation to the comic at www.tomorrowsgirls.com, and clicking on the donate link.  It’ll let you send us a donation from your PAYPAL account, or with a credit card.  Every single penny is helpful, so I ask you to consider making a donation of ANY amount.  It’ll help us continue to publish on schedule in the short run, and assuming we make it through this challenge to the other side, it’ll ensure that the story will get brought to a proper climax, and ultimately to an orderly end.

Now we have been doing some traveling, and running about trying to chase some new clients in, but we didn’t forget the readers!  We’re on time, and under budget with the new post which went up about 6 minutes ago.  And by way of demonstrating our committment to the story, we post some new studies for future models scheduled to appear.  We hope you enjoy them, and that you’ll continue reading “Tomorrow’s Girls.”

An Earthbound Bodyguard

A Scillation Beauty

A Morally Flexible Industrialist

Dr. Lender's Daughter and Her School Chum

Captain Tom Pritchard and his Gal Pal, Dusty King

A promotional image and test render for Tom Pritchard, captain of the Bad Idea, and his main squeeze, Dusty King.  Tom’s pretty much where I want him, but I may have to change Dusty’s hair.  This model is pretty difficult to keep at a consistent length as you move it around.  I like the look a lot, but if she turns out to be a big pain in the ass to use because her hair’s always out of place, then we won’t use her.  And the model is too pretty to not use.  As always, your feedback is appreciated.

Bridget on the Slave Planet

I never really stop learning things while I produce Tomorrow’s Girls.  Every render teaches me SOMETHING.  Tonight, I worked on this image alone–all night.  I didn’t intend to, but I couldn’t get it right without rendering it something like 25 times.

This study was all about depth.  I needed the Scillation installation in the distance, to actually LOOK like it was in the distance.  It’s a lot harder than it looks.  I accomplished the image by using a 3d model figure of a fog.  It sort of looks like half a canteloupe, and its composed of several semi-transparent layers.  By manipulating the axis of the model, its size, and the opacity and color of the various layers in the model, I was I think, able to render a convincing illusion of depth.  But YOU decide and let me know.

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Here’s a few more peripheral characters who may (or may not) eventually find their way into the comic.  The older guy is conceived to be Carmen’s Dad.  But he might wind up playing a parent for one of the other girls, or he may eventually become a client of the Agency.  The young one in the short skirt has been tentatively named Stacy, and isn’t purposed.  She is conceived to be an assistant, a secretary, or something like that.  But she might eventually wind up on one of the off-world colonies where employment opportunities are a little more varied and challenging (if not dangerous).  And the last is an image of Carmen with someone conceived to be an offworld boyfriend who we have tentatively named, Dex.

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Oh sure, you guys all think that meeting a 3-page-per-week publication deadline is easy–even with a day-job in the way.  What you probably don’t realize (probably because I haven’t said much about it) is that the images you see represent only a fraction of the work going into the comic.  I not only have to render three to 8 images for each page, but I need to keep scenes in the development pipeline so that it all gets done on schedule.

This little revolving gallery includes peripheral characters not yet added to the story.  The woman in zebra stripes is Ruth, a soon-to-be-middle-aged woman, not yet purposed for the story.  She may show up as a mature secretary, a realtor, a jewelry counter sales person, a school teacher, or the waitress at the dive diner down the street.

There’s ‘Druggie Diane,’ (the ragged-out chick with the leather halter-top) conceived to be ‘background noise’ in the underbelly of the story, or possibly a future client of the Tomorrow Girl Agency.

The red-headed guy is unnamed, but conceived to work as a henchman, or a dealer (perhaps Druggie Diane’s dealer), or a worthless boyfriend for one of the Tomorrow Girls.  Possible he is both.  We’ll see.  I like his look.  He could be useful.

Then there’s Tiffany Dane, conceived to be a potential victim/client for a future episode.  Tiff’s wearing the cocktail dress.

And there’s a couple renders of Monica, and her squeeze, Rick.  Monica you will remember is the agency’s hunter/tracker.  Rick’s conceived to be a paramilitary/mercenary grunt–probably from off-world.

If you haven’t been by the comic lately, then you’re probably out of touch with the ever-evolving storyline.  I know the feeling.  Happens to me too.

A Lass-Jet S14 Defender on Patrol

The fight extends into outerspace, and combat in the void necessitates a new class of military craft to take it to the enemy.  Here, a Lass-Jet S14 Defender, protects the space around the rebel planet–this one flown by our Tomorrow Girl, Jan Starr.

Kate is Left Hanging

Kate is pushed out of the enemy’s helicopter at 2500 feet, and is forced to hang from the landing skid in this scene from a future episode of Tomorrow’s Girls.

Carmen & Prendt

Carmen and the Rachentan, Prendt, on the Street

Carmen splits her time between earth assignments, and those she finds off-world.  They both seem to like it that way.  Above, Carmen looks for information from a Rachentan (a rare species) in an off-world town.